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Whether you're in need of small or large-scale tree services, the Michigan Property Network is a qualified tree services contractor and licensed provider. We can help you with a comprehensive and environment-friendly tree service. Our unparalleled experience in the industry guarantees you a professional service and satisfactory results.

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Stump removal: A tree stump taking up space on your yard makes mowing difficult subsequently undermining your home's curb appeal. Also, stump removal should be done in full ensuring that no parts of the stump are left in your yard as they are safety hazards. Hiring a professional company ensures that the stump is removed in full eliminating all potential safety hazards.

Stump Grinding: If you need to build something on an area with stumps, you will need them grinded to level the landscape. You will also need to deal with the roots that are in the way. At Michigan Property Network, we are well equipped to handle any stumps on your property. We use state of the art equipment, to ensure that your landscape's curb appeal is restored.

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Tree Removal Tree removal: With the risk of trees falling due to extreme weather conditions, you should invest in professional tree removal services. Whether a tree has grown weak or susceptible to extreme weather conditions such as harsh winds, we offer professional tree removal services to impact the safety of your property. Our tree removal services are tailor-made to meet your specific needs and involve stringent safety measures. We're also skilled in emergency tree removal. We move in fast and execute the immediate removal of hazardous trees in the least time possible. With our varied tools and methods, we guarantee the safety of your property and loved ones during the tree removal process.

Tree trimming: Tree trimming works to elevate your property's aesthetics. Our tree services team helps you with decision-making about the growth and structural planning of trees to avoid the risk of hazard trees. We will guide you on how to avoid structural failure. Also, we select trees for you and disallow others, as well as remove dead and diseased limbs to deliver a beautiful tree landscape of inimitable beauty.

Lot clearing: Fallen branches and debris taint the beauty of your property. They also pose safety risks for you and your loved ones. We provide professional lot clearing services to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your property by removing all residual materials. Our tree care professionals apply themselves with caution to deliver outstanding results.

Your landscape deserves the best, and at Michigan Property Network we are committed to offering you tree maintenance services that are a cut above the rest. We work with highly skilled professionals serving property owners in Hartland and surrounding communities, with years of combined experience in the tree maintenance space. As such you can rest assured of a clean and efficient job. We are on a mission to become your ideal tree maintenance company; contact us today for a free quote on any of our services.