Stump Grinding

Affordable Stump Grinding Services Based in Highland, MI

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The Michigan Property Network is partnered with Michigan Property Clearing & Stump Grinding to provide affordable service for removing large and unsightly tree stumps.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained crews can ensure the complete removal of any size stump without damaging your property or leaving an unsightly hole.

Often, after removing a tree, an unsightly stump can be left behind. Even if the stump is successfully removed, a hazardous hole may be left on your property. With our professional stump grinding equipment, we can grind down and flatten any size stump to prevent eyesores and safety concerns.

It’s Not Just Cosmetic – Stumps & Roots Can Damage Your Property

Did you know that cutting down a tree does not stop the roots from growing? The only way to effectively stop root growth is professional stump grinding. Large root systems can damage your home’s drainage systems, foundation, irrigation systems and lawn equipment. Additionally, if the tree initially died due to disease, stump grinding can prevent the disease from spreading to nearby trees.

Why Choose The Michigan Property Network for Your Stump Grinding Services?

  • Our technicians are fully licensed and highly trained
  • We have the professional stump grinding equipment needed to handle any size job
  • We carry liability insurance and undergo extensive safety training
  • We offer affordable pricing and free estimates

Safety is Our #1 Priority

Our crew of tree service experts receives ongoing training in the latest safety techniques and best practices. Our extensive training includes proper operation of stump grinding equipment, chainsaw safety, cabling and bracing, electrical hazards, CPR and more. As members of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), we have access to the most up-to-date industry standards for stump grinding, tree pruning, tree removal, and most importantly, safety.

Estimates and consultations are always free, so call us today to find out how The Michigan Property Network, LLC can assist you with your stump grinding needs.