Tree Removal

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Dead and diseased trees are a serious safety hazard and can damage your home and property.

When it comes time to remove a tree from your property, it’s important to choose an experienced tree service. Tree removal can be difficult and dangerous, requiring the skills of a trained professional. Often, tree removal requires navigating complex environments and high spaces, taking extreme care not to damage property or put people in danger.

Our team can handle tree removal for even the largest trees! Southeast Michigan is home to many large oak and maple trees, which require the most advanced equipment and expertise. Don’t take any chances with an inexperienced and unreliable tree service companies.

We would never suggest that tree removal is a project a homeowner or untrained person should take on by themselves. At The Michigan Property Network, LLC, we have highly-skilled teams that are properly trained in safe tree removal. Whether it be large or small, our crew can get it done. We use specialty equipment that was made for the toughest jobs, which include 18″ wood chippers, 60′ boom trucks and backyard-friendly loaders. We start each job with the end result in mind and that is the complete satisfaction of our customers.

When Nature Strikes, We Offer Fast 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

In a perfect world, every tree would be removed according to plan, without any accidents or hazards. In reality, high winds and storms can result in trees being weakened, falling onto your home or lawn, or coming dangerously close to taking down power lines. In these situations, it’s important to have the tree in question removed quickly and safely. We offer 24/7 live dispatch for emergency tree removal of any size! Make your call to the company that you can always count on to keep you safe!

Why Choose The Michigan Property Network?

  • We have the equipment needed to safely handle any size job
  • We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Our technicians are fully insured and expertly trained
  • We thoroughly clean and clear every job site
  • We offer free quotes and affordable rates
Estimates and consultations are always free, so call us today to find out how The Michigan Property Network, LLC can assist you with your tree removal needs.